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Installation and Materials

Safe Steps for Schools™  comprises long-lasting, non-toxic, cost-effective crossings that are environmentally friendly. Using preformed thermoplastic materials, the application process involves administering a specialised primer and then laying premade thermoplastic pieces in place (like a jigsaw) on top of the road surface. The preformed material is bonded to the surface through heat application. The materials provide premium high UV resistant colours with a lifespan ten times longer than traditional paints, and is complemented by an anti-slip coating. The paints used in the materials are non-toxic and contain no lead or chromates to ensure the safety of children. Furthermore, using preformed Thermoplastic enables intricate, complex designs to be created and is a material much easier to lay as opposed to other materials that require hand application. Using preformed thermoplastic as the crossing material is also less time-consuming, and therefore causes less disruption to traffic.

Latest News

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

On February 1st 2018 in partnership with Croydon Council, we successfully launched the Safe Steps for School programme, laying our first crossing at Crescent Primary School in Croydon. The crossing has been extremely well-received by school-children and parents alike.

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